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Ethnic Communities

The Doi Tung Development Project is comprised of 29 villages of six ethnic communities including the Akha, Lahu, Shan, Leu, Lawa, and Chinese, resulting in a diversity of customs, beliefs and religions, who live together peacefully and harmoniously.

Village communities continue to preserve their culture, making efforts to revive traditions, ancient rites, music and songs. Folk tales are retold to younger generations to instill a sense of pride, and try to retain their ethnic identities lest they are lost with the passing years. At festivals, men and women are clad in traditional costumes with embroidery and designs they borrow from nature. Accessories are worn to illustrate individual social status, in keeping with tradition. In the public schools within the Project area, students wear traditional garments once a week. The history and culture of the local people is also being taught at school, to try and create culture-specific and relevant nuances within the national curriculum.