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The Plant Tissue Culture Laboratory

Initially, many job creation options at the Project involved labour outdoors, which turned out to be difficult for young women. The Foundation was committed to inclusive job creation, so eventually a tissue culture plant was set up. Less physically demanding, out of the hot sun, and requiring dexterity and concentration: work well-suited to young women who enjoyed sitting in an air-conditioned room that allowed them to also preserve their fair skin, while earning a daily wage. The work in the plant tissue culture labs has allowed young women to stay close to their families, and choose to do respectable work.

Plant culturing makes it possible to propagate plants in large quantities, faster than natural pollination, and at a low cost. Moreover, cultured plants are strong and consistent in size. The Project runs agricultural development programmes that require ornamental flowers and perennial plant species that has a permanent need of high quality seedlings which could be costly if imported. Today, vetiver grass is the most common plant propagated because it supports the Royally-initiated Vetiver Study and Development Project. Other cultured plants are used to decorate Mae Fah Luang Garden and the landscape of the compound of Doi Tung Development Project in general.