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Phra That Doi Tung

Phra That Doi Tung is a holy site in Chiang Rai that was built in B.E. 1454 (911 CE) to house the holy relic of the Buddha's left collarbone. It is the oldest and holiest site of worship in the Lanna region. Buddhists from Thailand's neighboring countries like the Union of Myanmar, the Lao People's Democratic Republic and the Xingshuanbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture, People's Republic of China make a pilgrimage by foot to worship at this temple every March.

Tung means flag in Thai. Tungs are the long narrow flags that are hung vertically at different rites and places to mark the sacred territory of Buddhism. The road leading to Phra That Doi Tung is likened to the route used by the Buddha on his way to give sermons to his disciples.